Dr. Oz is listed as a keynote speaker at an event for the Direct Selling Association. The Direct Selling Association is made up mostly of Multilevel Marketing, pyramid scheme companies. So I made a meme of him and emailed it to his team.

I used my coloradoantimes.com domain and signed my name as Jackie J. Lee, Press Relations, Coloradoan Times.

Someone, we’ll call her “Sherry,” emailed back.

So I bought doctoroz.org, a domain similar to Dr. Oz’s website doctoroz.com, and emailed the events person for the Direct Selling Association. I signed my name as Ryan Harrison, Public & Talent Relations, The Dr. Oz Show.

The person emailed back.

So I responded:

Then I (Ryan Harrison from the Dr. Oz Show) got copied on an email from someone at the Direct Selling Association saying they spoke to Dr. Oz about this.

When Sherry figured out what was happening, she emailed me (Ryan Harrison from the Dr. Oz Show) with a stern warning.

So I emailed back.

A couple days later, Sherry followed up with Jackie.