About Ben

🎤  Ben first started writing humor online via a MySpace blog when he was 19. He fell in love with the joy of seeing people’s positive reactions to his blog posts.

🎤  At 21, he performed his first stand-up comedy set at Funny Stop Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

🎤 He continued to do stand-up comedy in Cleveland, Akron, and Kent, Ohio for three years and then moved to Atlanta, GA where he became a regular at the comedy clubs and underground shows.

🎤 It was in Atlanta where he fused his two passions of humor writing and stand-up comedy into a live show.

🎤 At 30, Ben moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his career and work on his live show. He performed at Comedy Central Stage and became a regularly booked act at one of the biggest comedy festivals in the world, San Francisco Sketchfest.

🎤  The show features his trolling of hateful trolls on corporate Facebook pages, posing as a city government to air sarcastic gripes about bureaucracy, making up fake cases to get on court TV, and pretending to be a journalist to get reactions from billionaire CEO’s and unethical multilevel marketing companies.

🎤  In 2020, Ben’s TikTok videos began to gain popularity.

🎤 His TikTok videos have over 500 million views collectively.

🎤 He now tours comedy clubs, theaters, coffee shops, colleges, and venues around the country.

🎤 Prior to becoming popular on TikTok, his work had been featured in countless news publications and online media outlets.