The performers at the Dinner Theater medieval times, have been trying to organize for safer working conditions and higher pay. The company’s CEO doesn’t think they deserve to be paid more than a round minimum wage, and the company has gone out of their way to get the TikTok account banned that the Medieval Times Workers Union started because it contained the words Medieval Times.

And when the American Federation of Labor shared a TikTok about this, they tagged Medieval Times in it. So medieval times changed their username so people wouldn’t come and comment on their TikTok, and when they changed their username, it left their old one available for anyone to sign up with. So I got it, and I now run the TikTok account for medieval times.

$12 an hour, $11 an hour, $10 an hour plus tips, $10 an hour, no tips. Unpaid internship. Just doing this for exposure to get their foot in the door. 

Medieval Times. 

Maximum Performance. Minimum wage.

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